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The No Limitations Seminar


About the seminar:

Well contrary to what some people might have thought, I didn't ruin any of my animals by putting a remote collar on them. In fact I saw that they were better on the leash, and actually cared where *I* was going, instead of what they wanted to do. Each adult 
reacted differently, one very easy, one a little tougher, one right in the middle, etc. 
But it did work on ALL of them.
What I was amazed by were the puppies. I had thought with little to no experience with 
the leash they would not be able to do much, I also thought the levels would be very low 
for them. Our pup was working on the same levels as my German Shepherd. The stim 
did not even faze him and he showed NO signs of discomfort. I was amazed by all 
they learned! We had worked with them on taking food gently and "off", "Sit"... but the 
collar made everything so clear to them. It was like they had the basic concept, but 
depending on the type of food, or what was going on when we said "sit," the response 
would vary. The collars helped to clean this all up. 
I see such a difference already as our pup is now coming when called, walking on lead, 
heeling, and focusing on me. His confidence has increased, and he is now enjoying 
everything on the playground.
Puppy time is no longer *work*. I can eat in front of them without it being a major 
ordeal of 3 puppies jumping up on me, and I no longer have to chase them around 
the house keeping them out of things.
All I can say is ohhhh the possibilities!!!!
I am very grateful to Fred and Carla for having an open mind when it comes to inviting 
Wolfdogs, so many trainers wont work with the animals, and there are even those who 
think they can't be trained - 
"No Limitations" say's it all about the animals and the trainers!

Thank you Sue and Gail for providing the photos!



Carla's Vehicle
Carla loading puppy on the collar
Fred loading an attending pup 
on the collar

Another pup gets a collar
Learning to eat boiled chicken calmly

Learning "Place"

Fred loads adult on the collar
And he survived

getting  ready for a turn
Fred loads an adult female

All the dogs working together
Hey, she also survived it

Rebel's turn
I think he will be alright as well :-)

Big dog - big place board (Breezy)
Kathy working Chaos

Carla loads another pup on collar
His first time on a leash

Sue's Puppy
Sue and her pup
Fred and a puppy take a break Pup kicks back with Carla


From Fred Hassen :
Here is a fun little clip from the wolfdog seminar.
Look for the Video clip titled "Wolfdogs".

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