Cottonwoods Hospice Visit


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When a cure is no longer an option, Hospice focuses on caring and provides support for 
terminally ill patients, often in their home.. 
Hospice nurse's help families through a difficult time in their lives with symptom control, 
pain management, emotional and spiritual support. This enables patients to make the 
most of the time they have
Hospice honors the patients decisions, and allows them to maintain their dignity.
Any person diagnosed with a terminal illness and whose life expectancy is measured in weeks or months is eligible for hospice services.


We were contacted by Sheila Kresse, one of their employees, about a cancer patient.
 The Bishop's I was told, had their home filled with wolf nic-nac's and photographs. 
Sheila ask if we would like to take RJ to visit with them.

Beverly Bishop

William Bishop

Sadly I found out that Beverly passed away on August 20th, 1999.
I feel blessed that I was able to meet such wonderful people, 
and share a moment in their lives







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